Friday, May 29, 2009

Operation Hot Mother

Have you ever seen Arrested Development? If you have, you just might get a laugh out of the name of this blog. If you haven't seen AD, check it out. It's HILARIOUS! So that's where I got the name for this blog.

But awesome T.V. shows aside, who doesn't want to be a Hot Mother?? I want to. I've got two beautiful little boys. I adore them. I spend every waking moment thinking about them. They make me happy.

I also have interests of my own. I love to read, sew, exercise, cook, watch movies, do craft projects, garden & so much more. But I realized that in my almost 5 years of motherhood, I've neglected to take time for myself. Not that I want to concentrate on myself all the time, but I think in order to be a good wife and mother you also have to take time for yourself. When you feel fulfilled as a woman that transfers over into your duties as a wife and mother.

So it all makes sense. In order to be a better mommy, I need to have more ME TIME. I need to rediscover those things that make me tick. I need to do some art projects that require more than finger paints.