Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'd Like To Think It Was Divine Intervention

Yesterday afternoon was a weee bit stressful. Payt, my 2 year-old had a fever and was coughing non-stop. And seriously, when I say non-stop, I mean NON-STOP FOR TWO HOURS. The dilemma here is that now it's a big no-no to give young children cough syrup. I can agree with that. I'm really not hot on the idea of drugging my kids up. But honestly, he was miserable. Have you ever coughed so hard for so long that your body just hurts everywhere. He couldn't even nap because he was coughing so much so that made him even worse. He just looked so miserable and I couldn't stand it anymore. I called his doctor to see if she could prescribe something in a safe dosage and she flat out refused (right after telling me it was my decision if I wanted to give him cough syrup).

So I decided to head to Target and buy some cough syrup. I called my mom of course and got some advice from her. By the time I got off the phone with her Payt was coughing and crying and Jax was whining begging me to go.

When I get stressed out in situations like these my first reaction is to buy me a yummy treat. And just so happened to be in close proximity to the Ice Cream. So I meandered down there to pick out some of this:
But in my rush to grab it and go while trying to distract the boys so they didn't see it, I inadvertently grabbed this:

I didn't realize it until I got home. I was pretty sad and depressed at first. But once I got back to my senses I realized that someone up there was looking out for me. Someone saved me from an instant 5 lb. weight gain. I seriously would've eaten ALL of that Ice Cream before going to bed last night.


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