Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sense & Sensibility

I finally finished "Sense & Sensibility". I enjoyed this book much more than persuasion. I got to know these characters so much better, and there were so many interesting side characters too. I'm no good at reviewing books, but if you're interested I found a good book review written by someone else.

Now I will move on to "Northanger Abbey". And staying true to form, I'm also reading a Yoga book and got a nice thick book that will hopefully help me gain a little bit more knowledge of HTML and CSS.

If anyone who reads this post is particularly good at HTML, web design, or anything like that let me know. I need all the help I can get.


Heather said...

Okay you make me want to read the book Sense & Sensibility. That movie just recently became one of my favorites. I love the Kernel. He is such a unselfish man.

kcatwoman said...

hi there. that's a nice book. i actually like persuasion more than sense and sensibility. it's shorter but more romantic for my taste

kcatwoman said...

o i remember since you are having a classis challenge, this might be a good classic for you: wuthering heights.hope you like it

Elaine said...

That was a great book! I'll have to check out Northanger Abbey next.

Gary said...

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Tiffani said...

Sense and Sensibility I never was able to finish. Now that my youngest is in school I have the time. I need to dig it out of storage and read it! I love the movie,and have been wanting to really understand the characters better. Jane Austen books seem to add more than the movies. I loved Pride and Prejudice:) It's my favorite!

Alex Bramwell said...

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David McKnight said...

Hi Mormon Hot Mom,

I've written a book that has a hot Mormon mom in it and wanted to give it to you in exchange for a fair and honest review on your blog.

The plot is as follows:

The charismatic new preacher at the local mega-church is drawing followers by the hundreds. There’s only one problem. He’s a Mormon, and nobody knows it.
John Peterson tries to follow the Spirit, but it tells him to preach, and preaching only seems to get him into trouble. His strident defense of the Mormon Church has gotten him fired again, forcing his family to move for the third time in as many years. Looking for a fresh start in Mayfield, John agrees to keep his head down. But when the owner of the local mega-church loses his pastor, he invites John to preach without asking the name of his church. After a spiritual prompting, John decides to preach, but as his following explodes, his new-found fame threatens to expose his religion and shatter his family’s hopes for a new life.

The town of Mayfield is growing impatient with high school football coach Paul Connelly. The former pastor was hired to help save the football program after the greatest scandal in school history, but after four straight losing seasons, his time is running out. With John Peterson’s meteoric rise, the town appears to have found a new moral authority, and an excuse to find a new coach. When Paul discovers that John is a Mormon, he finds the key to restoring his moral standing—all he has to do is expose and destroy John Peterson.

You can see the cover art at the Tongue of Fire facebook link and like the page for further updates and news.
Thank you for your time!
David McKnight