Friday, June 19, 2009


I was at the park with my boys yesterday and overheard something that I thought was quite funny. This park is a rather busy one. The park is part of the military housing community, but the community isn't an active base so anyone can come into the neighborhood. A lot of people in the surrounding community use the park even though they're not supposed to.

The park was a lot busier than usual yesterday. There was a huge group of moms with their kids ranging in age from newborns to 15 year olds. I think they were some type of homeschooling group.

Anywho. There were two teenage boys standing alone on one of the smaller jungle gyms. I was pushing Payton on the swings and was in close enough proximity to hear their conversation. Just like any other normal boys, they were quoting a movie and talking about how awesome it was. I kept hearing lines that I recognized over and over again, but couldn't remember what the movie was. Then it finally hit me. They were quoting "The Fugitive". That's right. Harrison Ford. Tommy Lee Jones. 1993. It was so funny to me to hear these boys quoting a movie that came out before they were even born like it was the most current and most awesome movie ever made. I'm not criticizing them though. If I have to hear a random conversation between two teenage boys I'm glad that's the one I had to hear.

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Heather said...

I am glad that is what you heard too. I really like that movie and I could see why those young boys were talking about it. It is a total guy movie.