Monday, June 1, 2009

My Affair

Oh, Burger King. Why do you taunt me? Why do your greasy disgusting French Fries taste so good. Why does your Whopper Jr. make my mouth water?? Why does my 2 year old have to yell your name and demand to see you every time we drive by? Why can't we just end this love affair? Why can't I quit you? It seems as though the only way I'll be able to stay away is if I completely change my life.

Find a new place to do my grocery shopping.

A new place to buy clothes.

A new book store.

A new pharmacy.

You're everywhere. How can I make a clean break when you just won't leave me alone? You're on every corner. In every town. You're on T.V. I swear you were in my bedroom last night watching me while I slept.

When will it end? When will it end.......

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